Animals as Superheroes: The Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet


Animals have been companions for humans for many centuries, but animals aren’t just about food and warmth.

Nowadays, there are multiple studies supporting the fact that living with an animal is advantageous to your health and that they can provide psychological benefits as well. These factors can be impactful in your daily life.

People have always had a love-hate relationship with animals. But many studies have indicated that companion animals can have numerous benefits for our physical and psychological health. Let’s take a look at what these findings are:

Psychological Benefits

One of the benefits of having a pet is having someone to talk to. Studies show that adults living with pets have decreased feelings of loneliness and develop a closer bond with them.

Even if you can’t spark a conversation with your pet, they still become a companion that helps build your self-esteem and keeps you company. Dogs are common animals for people to own, so their walks give you the opportunity to get out in public and meet new people. Going to the park gives your social life some structure.

Physical Benefits

A pet is a great way to be active and healthy. The physical activity of walking your dog is just one of the ways you can get exercise. Studies have found that people who walked their dogs as much as 35 minutes per day had improved cardiac health, lowered cholesterol levels, better cognitive function and decreased risks of heart attack.

Your oxytocin levels will rise when you pet an animal, which can help regulate how you’re feeling. There are also studies that show older adults who were living with a cat or dog exercised better and had increased cognition – meaning they were able to remember more details and pay attention better!

But most of these benefits are for cat and dog owners!

Whether your pet is a dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, or rodent (or something else entirely), your animal can help you to receive health benefits through out-exercise and environmental enrichment.

What if I can’t have a pet?

If you can’t personally have a pet, there are other ways to enjoy the benefits often discussed.

Volunteering at a pet’s shelter will allow you to interact with animals and receive other benefits that often include gaining experience and making connections. Learn more about your local animal shelters today!

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