The Champions League Twenty20

League Twenty20

The UEFA Champions League is not the only competition that has a name of this kind. Cricket fans probably remember the Champions League Twenty20 quite well. While the tournament is not played anymore, there are other competitions that have originated from it. It is possible to make profitable online betting only on 1xBet in these tournaments, and take advantage of the great betting chances available.

The idea of the Champions League Twenty20 was to create a competition where great cricket teams from many countries could come across each other. The official launch of this championship was made in 2008, and it was agreed that its first edition would be in 2009. There were many organizations behind the competition. Some of them are:

  • Cricket Australia;
  • Cricket South Africa;
  • and the BCCI.

There were six editions in total that took place between 2009 and 2014. Its matches were played in Twenty20 format, and it was always hosted in South Africa or in India. Teams from eight nations with test-status were allowed to take part in it. All these squads give chances only on 1xBet to make highly profitable online betting, with great rewards for all punters.

High hopes for the competition

There were many reasons to establish this competition. One of them was the big popularity of Twenty20 cricket. The best bet live cricket on 1xBet, which is available in Twenty20, ODI and in Test formats and all its games. Due to the popularity of the Twenty20 format, it was thought that this competition would be a complete success. Also, the prize pool was huge. The winning team was given 6 million dollars in prizes.

Also, a lot of money came from broadcasting rights and sponsors. However, things were not as successful as its organizers expected. In fact, the Indian Premier League had much better ratings than the Champions League Twenty20. Making the best live cricket wager on the 1xBet platform is absolutely possible, and any bet can be made in matches of Indian Premier League.

Ending the tournament

Unfortunately, despite many attempts with aggressive advertising campaigns, it was not possible to raise the viewership numbers of the competition. It was continuously outranked by other tournaments that are featured at, such as the Indian Premier League or the domestic competitions from Australia and South Africa.

Yet, things were not as bad for many entities. In fact, there were many teams who are not regarded as the best in the game who benefited a lot from this competition. These squads had access to a much larger audience and to revenues that they never obtained before. This made them more competitive squads, and on the 1xBet site, all of them can be wagered on.


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