Exness traders: The Advantages of Exness Brokers


Is Exness a trustworthy representative of the Forex market? Yes, it is. Moreover, its operations are based on the principles of reliability and comfort. Let’s have a closer look at the Forex Exness review to know this broker better.

Variety of Financial Options With Exness

Exness traders have a wide range of options to benefit from. They can make deposits and withdrawals from an account, using a great amount of electronic payment systems. Using the well-known electronic payment systems, Exness has become the only Forex broker with a unique offer of automatic withdrawal from a trading account. This function means that any Exness customer can withdraw money from a trading account just several seconds after making a withdrawal request. After all, you can hardly find any other Forex broker that would use a model for payments like this.

Broker’s Market Role Exness

Exness needs the funds to be collected at the same electronic purse from which the account has been supplied. If the deposits have been processed from different payment systems, the withdrawals need to be made in proportion to the amounts of deposits. Currently, almost 98% of the withdrawal requests can be processed automatically. Meanwhile, the instant withdrawal service is one of the most obvious signs of the reliability of Exness, because it provides all the customers with the opportunity to reach their funds from their accounts 24/7.

Today, Exness has started the process of eliminating the commissions in the deposits and withdrawals. This can be viewed as a real sign of how committed Exness is. Not many brokers are ready to go out for that. In order to optimize their interactions with the electronic payment systems, Exness has developed the unique model for deposits and withdrawals that aims to minimize all the related costs.

Safety Measures

Exness group has the license issued by the supervisor of CySEC, a body responsible for the regulation of the business sector. Being the member of the Compensation Fund for investors, the broker aims to protect them by guaranteeing the fair claims and refund options.

Types of Accounts

Exness offers four account types that are adjusted to the needs of its customers. Depending on the trading plans of each particular trader and investor, the most suitable option can be found. Here is the list of available accounts:

  • Cent account: There is no minimum deposit required to open this kind of account. Also, it provides leverage going from 1 to infinity and the rate of spread estimated at 0.3. The commissions will depend on the volume of financial operations.
  • Mini account: There is no minimum deposit, so you can start with the amount you have. Although the spreads of the mini account are estimated at 0.3, there are no commissions by volume of trades.
  • Classic account: This kind of account is suitable for those who have trading experience because there is a requirement of a minimum deposit of $2000. Its leverage reaches 1, while the spread goes from 0.1 without any commissions attached.
  • ECN account: This average type of account is perfect for those who have little knowledge of the CFD broker. With the minimum deposit of $300 and the leverage of 1:200, the ratio can be estimated at 25 USD per million. This is more than enough to earn a fortune.

Final Word

Exness has gained a reputation as a reliable broker with extensive functions and services. Thanks to their top-notch features, Exness turns out to be an excellent trading platform with professional customer support, reasonable commissions, and a wide range in account types. It definitely needs to be considered for the long-term use.


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