Team Vitality And NaVi Pass The Quarterfinals Of The Spring Finals


A new day of CS:GO has concluded in the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals. This day was marked by surprise, both by the forms of the first match and by the result of the next. Natus Vincere and Team Vitality have passed the quarterfinals of the tournament. In the case of NaVi, the motivation for victory against their American opposition came from the last Major in Antwerp. The Ukrainian organization surpasses FaZe Clan with a resounding 2-0.

On the other hand, with the same result Team Vitality defeated ENCE. It has also given the great surprise of the day since ENCE is currently the second best team in the world that has not been able to avoid 2-0 by the French team.

Anyway, the last games before the start of semifinals and the qualifying positions have been defined. Both teams will face OG and G2 Esports respectively in the semifinals of the tournament in Lisbon. At, you can find all the needed information about this and other CS:GO matches. As for now, let’s recap the highlights of the matches, in which NaVi and Vitality achieved their victories and secured a place in the semifinals of the Spring Finals. 

NaVi Takes Revenge of FaZe

In the 1st quarterfinals, NaVi surpassed the American squad, wrapping up the series in two maps with a 16-6 win on Dust2 and 16-1 on Inferno. With this result, the s1mple’s team managed to beat FaZe in the repetition of the last Major. The CIS players as a whole had the key to its victories in the first two extremely dominant parts. 

The series started in a Dust2 picked by Natus Vincere. The Ukrainian team immediately took a lead and finished the first half with 2-13 from the terrorist side. After the change of sides, FaZe Clan did everything possible to undo the massive advantage of its rivals. Despite going on a 4-round streak, the Americans did not achieve the desired result and lost 16-6 on this map.

Their confrontation continued on Inferno as the FaZe’s pick. Despite having a 66.7 winning percentage on 12 maps played, the Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s squad couldn’t resist the CIS giants. From the CT side, NaVi secured the pistol round and took 7 rounds in a row. After which, they planted an outstanding offensive wall by granting only 1 round to its rival in the first half. The T side for NaVi was also decisive as they managed to quickly end the game and thus claim their 16-1 victory over the 1st team in the world. 

MVP of the Match

The Ukrainian roster showed a great performance as a group, but it is worth noting the work of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Denis “electroNic” Sharipov, both players finished the series with 1.80 and 1.69 rating.

The Russian player combined his functions as an IGL with great success at a mechanical level: he was the second player with the most frags (21-10 K-D) in the series. Though electroNic was largely responsible for 14-1 on Inferno, MVP of the match became the Ukrainian AWPer who played aggressively without rushing and scored 28-10 K-D for the entire game.

The Victory for Team Vitality Against ENCE

The French team managed to secure the spot in the semifinals after defeating ENCE 2-0. However, both teams measured a very even game. Let’s see how the game unfolded in more detail.

Initially, Vitality was ahead in Overpass with a 9-6 marked by the back and forth of the first half. But from the CT side, the French team was much more solid, closing the opening map with 16-10.

Madness came in Nuke, the second map in the series, selected by ENCE. Vitality had a strong start in the first half, taking 5 consecutive rounds from the CT side. However, ENCE managed to come back with an eight-round streak to take the 9-6 lead in the first half. After the change of sides, the runners-up of the IEM Dallas got 12-15 to reach the draw, but wasted their opportunities to add the map round. The match reached overtime, where the Finns were overcome by nerves, leaving the bees with a 19-17 win on Nuke.

MVP of the Match

The great performance of the Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut rifler was the key for the French Team to keep the victory. ZywOo led the ranking of players with a rating of 1.41 for the entire match. Additionally, he was the player with the most frags (54-23 K-D) in the series.


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