Sparkle with Style: 6 Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring (2023)


Are you planning to buy a new engagement ring but want something precious and unusual? Then you must choose precious gemstones that will make your engagement day more special. But with so many options, which gemstone should you pick? Don’t fret; here are the most useful options to help you select the right gemstone for your engagement ring.

8 Most Popular Gemstones Ideal for Engagement Rings

1. Sapphire

The engagement ring must be unique and stunning. Therefore, wearing a ring with a deep blue sapphire will always make you look elegant on your special day. Even though sapphire isn’t as uncommon as a diamond, its durability is undeniable. If you check its history, you will also find some important facts that are related to it. For example, sapphire used to be one of the gemstones that the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci used to admire. A lot of royal families used to favor using this stone to create jewelry. The color of a sapphire stone can also be found in other shades, such as pink, green, etc. Therefore, if you’re going to a sapphire store, opt for a double halo diamond ring or a stunning cocktail ring. 

2. Diamond 

Engagement days and diamond rings have an inseparable connection. Why should it not be? Couples select this unique diamond for their engagement rings because of its toughness. Colorful diamond rings are also not out of style, as fashion experts always prefer something unusual. When looking for unique options, you will also find diamond rings with amazing finishing by combining them with other precious gemstones like moissanite or zircons. As a result, you can also search for a stunning diamond ring that symbolizes a lifetime commitment.

3. Amethyst Rings 

Choosing amethyst will be an excellent choice for you if purple is your favorite color. However, it cannot be compared to a sapphire or a diamond in terms of durability. Yet, it is difficult to fracture, making it an extremely durable option. So, to look magnificent on your engagement day, you need to find a well-cut amethyst ring. Many unusual possibilities can be found if you look at all the available amethyst rings. Be it a three-stone ring or even any simple square-shaped ring, each one is crafted uniquely. Make your big day even more memorable by choosing stunning silver amethyst rings.

4. Emerald

If you like green and want to surprise your lover, a stunning green emerald is a great choice. It may be used to create contemporary and fashionable engagement rings in addition to being a brilliant green gemstone. This sparkling gem also represents wit, eloquence, and wisdom. This specific gemstone has a long history, just like sapphire. It is thought that emerald was used to treat ailments including malaria and cholera. So, this soothing-looking gemstone is undoubtedly an unusual option that can brighten up your engagement day.

5. Ruby: 

It is another name you can trust; this vivid red stone makes a lovely engagement ring. You don’t have to worry about the durability of this gemstone, either. Similar to many other gemstones, ruby has a rich history. Data indicate that these stones were traded as early as 200 BC along China’s North Silk Road. It also connects with Burma, and even today, Burmese rubies are still regarded as a precious option. In the end, selecting an engagement ring made of rubies will ensure that your engagement day is remembered.    

6. Moissanite

Look for moissanite if you want something that has a diamond-like appearance. A nicely crafted moissanite ring might be difficult to tell apart from a diamond ring. Despite being a colorless stone, it can also be found in mild brown or yellow tones. Many of these stones are combined with other stones to create great designs. Additionally, designers frequently combine them with diamonds to produce stunning designs. Therefore, if you choose moissanite, you will have numerous priceless options.

End Note: 

If your engagement day is quickly approaching and you’re looking for something special, consider elegant options. Diamond rings are excellent choices, but keep in mind the other options we’ve included here as well. Your engagement day should be planned as best as possible, and an emerald or ruby can be a great option. Choose a gemstone and look for the best ring to start your new journey.



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