9 Best iOS Emulators For PC or Windows [To Run ios App on your PC]


9 Best free ios emulator for pc windows updated in 2018

So You are looking for Best Free ios Emulator for pc ….. Realy?


Hello Internet, How is your day going, Hope going well….!

So you land here for Download Best free ios emulator for your windows system to run ios app. Right ?

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I am so sorry for that…..

You thinking why the hell I laugh, Okay I will tell you in a moment.

But, If you are a busy person and don’t have that much of time to know, and you are dying to play ios games on window pc  Then you can simply skip this part and get your ios emulator that I have listed below.

But before Skipping this part if I tell you, there is no such real working apple ios emulator Available on the internet YET !!!

You: What? , No ios Emulator for pc ? R you Kidding?

Me: No, I am not kidding !!!

So, Here is that Story or The fact or Truth whatever you call it…….!!!!

My Story: A long time ago far way in a deep forest there is a king lived with his son….

You: what is it ?  A Fairy Tail story or something, Ohh man that’s wired >>>

Me: nhaaaaa  wait……….. I am Just kidding…….

The thing is like you, I have also wished to experience some ios app or game but unfortunately, I don’t have any ios supported device like iPhone or iPad etc.

Also if you have an iPhone or iPad and have a windows pc and don’t have a mac, you must be facing some trouble while sharing file between your iso and windows device.

I searched and used a dozen of emulator but unfortunately not a single one work perfectly as BlueStacks work for android.

But, Yes there is some ios simulator for windows pc available that you can try.

Now you have a question trickling in your mind that what is a Simulator? Right …..


Let me clear your confusion about what is an ios simulator? what is the difference between Emulator and Simulator? How to play ios games on pc?

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What is an iOS Emulator?

The ios emulator is a piece of software that creates a different os environment on the same device, or in other hands, you can say its a program that enables one computer to act like a different ‘guest’ system and can run the software and apps of the guest system in it.

Emulators are specifically designed for developers for testing apps and other programs. which are the virtual machines that support the operation of applications that belong to a different operating system and run them smoothly?

What is a Simulator ?

The simulator is also develop an os environment but it does not try to create a copy of hardware as emulator do, So this limitation of simulator fails to run some apps.

Most of the user prefers emulator rater then simulator and also developer also uses the emulator for developing and testing their ios apps.

What are the Use of iOS emulator

  • Easy installation requires no high processor or hardware systems.
  • Play or Run ios app on different operating system
  • Test builds iOS apps during the development process
  • Get access to some beta earlier released app
  • Test your app with developer tools which are available only for simulator
  • Emulators are free to use and provided with the SDK with the release of every new operating system.
  • An emulator provides you several advantages that a developer needs.
>>>>>Now came to the main point

Why there is no ios Emulator for windows pc available on internet till day.

Here I tell you why ?

Because Apple has no incentive to have user run their OS on any other system that they did not sell like iPhones, iPads etc.

As opposed to Google Android which is not tied to a specific hardware company.

Most of these (not all of these) fake emulators will come with monetization that automatically installs unwanted software on your device, ads etc.

Anything you may find online that claims to be an emulator for iOS, will be software that will simulate something that looks kind of like the Apple iOS.

It’s just a fancy, Apple ios environment looking skin that feel as an “emulator”

You won’t be able to connect it to your existing Apple account, install apps, play a game,  won’t jailbreak or root nothing.

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Also, there is a question arising in you are mind that why till now there is no real emulator developed?

I will tell you why there no best free ios emulator for windows made………………….

Apple is primarily in the business of selling hardware. They sell Phones, Watches, Tablets that all using the iOS operating system.

So Most of their money comes from hardware sales.

So if they allowing people to install their iOS and all the Apps that can be installed on a PC or any kind of device that not issued by Apple, can cause probably decrease their hardware sales.

So Apple keeps the source code to themselves, as it is their good right to do and there probably will never be a real iOS Emulator.

Now you understood why I laugh at the begin…………………….

Now because you landed this page by searching for best ios emulator for windows pc

I don’t disappoint you so I have listed some Best ios Simulator that you can enjoy !!!!!

9 Best ios emulator for pc windows (or Simulator)

This following are some of the best ios emulator / Simulator that you can install on your any windows device (Windows 10, Windows 8,8.1, Windows 7, etc) and install some Apple iPhone ios app too.

iPadian [Best ios emulator for pc ]

best ios emulator for windows pc

iPadian is developed using Adobe Air. I will use this Emulator to Play games and Apps. But, you cannot expect that all the apps will run on it.

(Warning updated) I have recently seen some of the ipadian user complaining that while they download this ios emulator there antivirus, chrome and Mozilla blocking them to downloading. and some user also mentioning that this software now injecting virus and malware to steal data from the user.

I am not 100% sure about this but I am worn you Plese double check while downloading any software from internet

Mobione studio [Best ios emulator for window ]

Mobione studio is also one of the best emulators for Windows. here you can easily understand the emulator after working on it. But, The service was stopped a few years ago. Still, you can use it for running beta apps on this emulator. I suggest this apple ios Emulator to the developers for testing purpose.

ipad emulator for windows 10 download ios emulator for pc

AIR iPhone [Best iPhone ios emulator for windows ]

Run ios app on your Windows: There are many uses that I can think for this application. The main one is for developers. Before compiling an application for final release, or maybe while they are writing it, they can upload it to AIR iPhone and see what the application will look like and give it a try.
best free ios emulator for windows.

Appetize.io [Best ios emulator for pc ]ios emulator for pc

It is another version of the popular utility called App.io which had problems with copyright and that is the reason it got closed. You can use it for free for one hundred minutes per month, and afterward, you will be charged $0.05 per minute, which is not much if you have in mind what you are going to get with it.

XAMARIN TESTFLIGHT [Best iPhone emulator for pc]

This Emulator has all the functionality, Advanced support and comes with user-friendly user-interface. But, the thing is you can only test or run the app which is based on iOS 8.0 or above version. Below 8.0 version will not work. Also, this app is available is not available for free.

Smartface [iPhone emulator for windows]

download ios emulator for pc: Smartface is an iPhone app emulator and tester that helps develop cross-platform native iOS apps. It is a full-featured enterprise mobility management platform that reduces cost, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions. Smartface provides full debugging options for iOS apps which help the app developer flexibility to work with it and develop apps.

iPhone simulator [Best free ios emulator for pc]

Best free ios emulator for PC: It has the best UI and works like an iPhone. Those who don’t have iPhone with them can try this iPhone simulator to experience the feel of real iPhone. I have used this Emulator earlier, and You can able to access limited iOS apps or games using this Emulator from your Windows desktop integrated with High-end Graphics.


The most robust process is uploading. It may take more than 30 min if your internet connection is slow. But, After uploading the app, it is so easy to use and navigate. The main advantage is you no need to install any software, and it is available for free (7 days trial).

REMOTED [Best free ios emulator for windows]

Best free ios emulator for Windows: It is also the product of Xamarin. This Simulator allows the user to test the app and even enables to debug it using Visual Studio Enterprise version of Windows Platform. It is the best solution for those who want to test iOS apps on Windows PC’s.download ios emulator for pc

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That’s it For all today……………

Well, We have gone through all the 9 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC.
I hope you learn something from this article.

Also, Please let me know in the comment below if I have missed anyone the Emulator/Simulator that you know or using currently. I will update it in this article.

Also, Do share this article with your friends and let me know which Emulator/Simulator you have chosen from the above list. Still,
you have queries? Please comment below on the issue. I will reply as soon as possible.



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