How To Play Squads Like A PRO

How To Play Squads

SQUAD is a military simulation FPS game that offers a realistic aspect and needs a strong tactical strategy to win it. The game has been available on Steam for quite some time and also gets updated regularly. The Squad is set up in a huge open environment and can host 80 players at one time, 40 on each side. The gameplay is about how to team play small squads. 

Communication is the main skill needed in this game. The game simulates a military game but it is also a game that asks for a lot of strategies. There are mechanics and tactics that one has to know if they wish to play Squad as a pro.

Here are some of the Squads hacks at that are sure to help you get better with the game.

Communication is the key

You cannot play Squad without proper communication. The game should be played with headphones. As the name of the game implies, Squad is a team game. There are nine players in every squad of which one is the team player and the other needs to follow his orders. Communication is highly encouraged in this game. The squad has one of the best communities and if you feel that there is some problem or a question that you wish to ask then talk because the squad leader is always there to listen to you. It is tough to play the role of a squad leader because you will need to continuously communicate with the other squad leaders and mates. Make sure that you have open two-way communication with the teammates as well as the leader because every single piece of information can turn the game and make you win the battle.

The Squad map

Maps play a significant role in every FPS match and the same stands true for Squad as well. Learning the maps does give you an edge and is the best way to master this game. Squad maps are large and there are also many maps in various versions. It is best to keep playing the games over and over again to master the maps. This will let you remember where the squadmates and the main base area. It is also best if you learn how to call the location of the enemies. Just open the map and you will notice 9 grids that are similar to a keypad in all the Squad maps. Once you learn this you will be able to call out the enemy location easily.

The gameplay mechanics

The Squad is a military first-player shooter game. The main aim of the game is to not just do the kills because kills are optional. What you need to focus on is the objective of the game. The main aim of the Squad game is to win it which can be done by letting the opponent lose the ticket. When you kill the enemy it will only cost you 1 ticket thus the Squad battles are not based on the kill number. To win the game you should focus on what it is that will make your opponent lose all his tickets.

Capture of points

The main thing that lets you lose the maximum tickets is the capture of points. You must learn how to capture and also know which points can be attacked by the team and which can be attacked by your opposing team. The logic of capture should first be clear. The points have to be captured in sequence and thus you will not be able to capture the final points till you have first captured the previous points. Here are the details to keep in mind.

  • The purple shield marks the point to defend
  • The orange arrow marks the point to attack

Other tips for Squad beginners

Here are some additional tips especially if you are a new Squad player.

Never play the role of a squad leader if you are a new player. It is best to play the shooting range that lets you notice and increase familiarity with the game. Pick up a kit because these are limited. New players should choose the medica class and the rifleman class. Only one player is enough to capture the neutral flag. It takes at least 3 players to capture the opponents’ flags. When all the enemies lose their tickets then you win the game. With every respawn you lose a ticket. The best way to let the enemies lose their tickets is by capturing their flags. Once you are injured make sure that you bandage yourself and get a medic so that your HP can be restored. Never take any vehicle till you have been instructed by the Squad leader. It takes some time for the weapons and the tools to equip, unequip and reload so you need to avoid being caught off guard. This is why planning your tactics are important.


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