How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

Keep Your Desk Clean

The state of your workspace and the desk can be critical for your efficiency, focus, and productivity. There may be numerous benefits of cleaning and organizing your desk more regularly. It can improve your productivity and provide for a better focus and concentration while at work. An orderly, well-kept, and organized desk may also improve your comfort and may enhance the liking for the work you do. In this blog, you will know How to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized.

All you need is a little bit of time and regular efforts to clean your desk and organize it. Many affordable items are available today that may also help you organize your desk in even better and well-classified ways and reduce the clutter effectively.

Take Everything Off Your Desk

Before you start to clean and organize your desk, it is important to remove everything from it. These things may include your computer, stationery, notebooks, paper stacks, printers, and everything else that you keep on your work desk. Once all the items are removed, you need to clean the desk thoroughly. Wipe off all the dust and dirt and also polish the surface so that the scratches go away. You can also clean your computer, printer and other items and wipe off the dust and dirt.

The items that you removed from your desk need to be kept on a floor or some other desk. You can separate these items into two groups. One group can be composed of the items you do not require. Dispose of all the unwanted items. The other group would be composed of items that are a necessity.

At this point in time the desk can be updated as well. You can remove the outdated calendars and the older mails. However, you can always keep your old photos if they have a sentimental value for you.

Replace Objects on the Desk

Now that your desk is clean, you can put all the items back on the best. While doing so, you should ensure that these items are put in a methodological and orderly way and the placement can improve your productivity, comfort, and efficiency. While replacing the objects on the desk you should ensure that the placement follows the use of the items and is more comfort for you.

Another important aspect of desk organization is cable organization. Before you plug any device to the extension lead, place the lead at the back of the table. The wrap straps can be used for shortening the wires. You can also label the cables (at both ends) to easily find out which cable is serving what purpose.

Make Important Things Accessible

You should ensure that the important and more frequently used items are freely and readily accessible. The computer should be kept at the center of the table. Important items that are used frequently should also be kept closely, at an arm’s length. The important documents and tools should be closer in reach and within the reach of the arms.

Items including the typing paper, writing utensils, communication devices, and notebooks among others should also be kept in close reach, for better accessibility. Paper clips and other relatable items can be kept close to the printers, while the pens and pencils can be kept in a separate pen holders.

Arranging the desk can break the monotony and can provide fresh and new looks to your workspace and desk. You can use the drawer trays that are available online as well as offline to keep your smaller and other items in a more classified and orderly way inside the drawers. The trays can be kept inside the drawers and create a compartment for you to place the different items methodologically. While replacing and rearranging the items on the desk, ensure that its configuration is changed in a way so that you can take maximum advantage of the space and create easy accessibility.

Clean Your Desk Regularly

You should clean your desk regularly. Cleaning your desk and the items placed on it (including your computer) on regular intervals will not only ensure that your space is always clean and gives a good look, but it will also enhance the life of these items. You should clean your desk and workspace area at least once every week.


The tips and steps given here go a long way in in improving your work space and desk and for keeping it clean and organized. These tips can help you be more efficient, attentive, and comfortable at work, while providing you a clean, hygienic, and comfortable working space and area. New accessories for cable management can also reduce the mess that the cables may create, and also make your work space and desk safer.
















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