Top 5 Best TeamViewer Alternative Remote Desktop Softwares for PC

Best Teamviewer Alternative Softwares

It’s no doubt that Teamviewer is one of the best remote alternative apps for Windows. But, this remote desktop software has some flaws. So, if you need a TeamViewer alternative software for your PC, you have come to the right place. There are many good remote desktop software is available for PC that you can use. These Softwares will help you to connect via remote desktop to your PC. Also, Teamviewer has some security risks. But, it’s the most popular remote desktop software that you can get for your PC. So, the alternatives that we’re going to talk about are as good as Teamviewer.

These remote desktop Softwares will help you to connect to any PC anywhere. You just need an active Internet connection to connect with another device. And most of these alternatives are available for multiple devices like Android and iOS. These Teamviewer alternative Softwares has the same features as the original Teamviewer. Even some of them are better than Teamviewer. We’ve prepared a list below of these Softwares. You can go through all the features and choose which is the right remote desktop software for you. If you don’t like Teamviewer, don’t worry, there are different options available out there.

Why You Need the Teamviewer Alternative App?

Teamviewer is probably the most popular remote control and desktop sharing app for PC. You can control any PC from anywhere in the world using this software. To connect with a remote desktop, both of the PC’s should have installed the Teamviewer software. Then you have to enter the ID and password of the remote desktop to connect it successfully. After connecting, you can control the desktop remotely. It’s very easy to use the software. That’s why Teamviewer is so popular. Another reason could be the device compatibility.

Because Teamviewer supports most of the operating system including Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. So, you can use any of your smartphone or PC to control any device. You can control your PC from your smartphones, smartphones with a smartphone, and other variations. It also has some useful features that’ll help you to communicate with the remote desktop. But here the question comes, Teamviewer is the most popular remote control software, so why do you need a Teamviewer alternative for your PC? Well, there are not single but, many reasons why you should use the alternatives to Teamviewer for remote desktop connection. Let me tell them one by one.

So, many scammers use Teamviewer to scam people. They call the victim and tell that their PC has been hacked or it needs support. When the victim falls into the trap, they tell them to install Teamviewer and share the access. Here the problem begins. You probably won’t want to provide access to your PC to a scammer. He can do many things when he gets access to the PC. Sometimes, they just do some bogus technical things with your PC and charges you $$$. Sometimes, they also inject malware to your PC.

Another type of scam is a mobile scam. This scam is very popular in Indian and thousands of users have fallen into this trap by scammers. Paytm, which is an Indian payment network company, is very popular in the country. So, the scammers call the victim and tell them that their Paytm or Bank account has been hacked. When the victim asks how they can recover their account, the main game begins. They use Paytm to transfer money to their account. And the victim ends up losing their money. Recently, there have been many cases of this kind of scams. And now, Paytm is showing notification if Teamviewer is installed on the smartphone.

That’s the reason why people are searching for Teamviewer alternative Softwares for their PC. And if you are one of them, then you can easily get the best alternative. Because there are many remote desktop Softwares are available that do the same job as Teamviewer. So, you can get one of them and use it on your PC to connect to a remote desktop. There is another reason why you should move away from Teamviewer. Let me tell you that.

Usually, Teamviewer has both a free and paid version. The free version is for personal use. And you can access the other desktop for a limited time with the free version of Teamviewer. So, when you’ll cross the limit time, it’ll automatically close Teamviewer and show you that you’ve reached your limit. And that’s very annoying. Some remote desktop Softwares comes completely free. And you’ll not get any limit on them. So, you can use these remote desktop softwares for unlimited time to connect with a remote desktop. Now, it’s obvious that people will choose unlimited remote desktop software. And so do you. And these remote desktop software’s has the same feature as Teamviewer. So, you don’t have to compromise with the security.

Now, here’s a caution or advice for you. No matter which remote desktop software you are going to use, if you want to get rid of scammers, you need to understand one thing. Don’t give your remote desktop access to any stranger. Specially, who claims that your PC has been hacked or you need technical support, etc. Basically you need to understand if the other person is a scammer or not. However, if you get a random technical support call, there’s a 99% chance that it’s a scam. And the person will ask you to access your remote desktop.

Now, let’s get into the main topic. Below, I’ve described all the features of Teamviewer alternative Softwares. So, you can easily choose which one is perfect for you.

Top 5 Best TeamViewer Alternative Softwares

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Chrome Remote Desktop is probably the most secure remote desktop software that you can get. This app is available on Google Chrome, Android, and iOS. It’s an easy, fast, and simple remote desktop software that you can use to connect to PC to PC, Android to PC, or iOS to PC. As it comes from a brand like Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is stable and secure. And you can use it without any issue. Most of all, it’s completely free to use the software. So, you can use this remote desktop for unlimited time and get access to any other remote desktop for free. There’s no subscription on this app. If you want to use it, you can go to the official page of Chrome remote desktop or you can download their Chrome extensions on your Google Chrome browser.

When you use the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to use more keyboard shortcuts and it’ll consume fewer resources on your device. After setting up the extension, you have to provide a unique security code on the Chrome Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC. Google advertises it as technical support software. And you’ll need a Google Account to use this remote desktop software on your PC. Although the Chrome Remote Desktop app has not many features, we are keeping it to the top of the list because it is probably the safest remote desktop software that you can get. So, if you want a safe remote desktop software that’ll not hurt your privacy, then this app will help you.

2. Anydesk

When it comes to choosing the best alternatives to Teamviewer, Anydesk comes to the top of the list. Anydesk is one of the best alternatives to Teamviewer. The features of these two remote desktop software are very similar. Anydesk is a freemium remote desktop software that you can use to connect to the remote desktop. That means it has both free and paid plans. The free plan of Anydesk has many features, but it comes with minor limits. If you are going to use it for personal use, then the free plan will do the work.

But, if you own an enterprise, then you should get a paid plan of Anydesk. Because it has many features that’ll help you while connecting to a remote desktop. Anydesk is available for most of the platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. So, you can control your PC remotely from any of these devices and get access. There are many features available on Anydesk. You’ll get a file transfer feature with this remote desktop software. So, if you want to transfer a file to the remote desktop, you can just do copy-paste to transfer the files. And Anydesk uses encryption to protect your data. So, you don’t have to worry.

3. Logmein

Best TeamViewer Alternative

Logmein is another good remote desktop application that you can use instead of a Teamviewer. It is a paid remote desktop software. So, there is no free version and you have to pay for a subscription to use it. But, the subscription worth it for sure. Because Logmein provides you several features that you can use for your business and connect to any remote desktop with the app. Currently, there are 3 different plans are available on Logmein. This remote desktop software is recommended for those who want to use it professionally.

Logmein has several features like whiteboard support, drag, and drop file transfer, record sessions, etc. Overall, it is one of the best professional remote desktop Softwares that you can get. Logmein is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. But, it doesn’t support Linux. So, that’s a big drawback of this remote desktop software. But, you can get the Logmein app on your Android and iOS smartphone and control your PC from your smartphone. With Logmein, you’ll get 1TB of cloud storage that you can use to store files and share them when you need it.

4. Ammy Admin

The next remote desktop app on our list is Ammy Admin. Ammy is a popular remote desktop software that you can use to remotely access your PC from anywhere. It is a fast and lite remote desktop application. Ammy is a freemium software. So, there are free and paid versions of this app. The free version of Ammy comes with some limits, but it’s enough for personal use. One of the best features of Ammy is, you don’t need to install it on your PC. You can connect to any remote desktop from the installer file itself.

You can do voice and text chat with the remote desktop on Ammy. It also has file transfer feature that you can use to transfer the files from one PC to another. But, the major drawback of Ammy admin is, it’s only available for Windows PC. So, you can’t get it for macOS, Android, Linux, or iOS. That makes Ammy a limited remote desktop software. But, if you have a Windows PC, there are many features that you can use with the Ammy Admin app. And the fast speed makes it one of the best Teamviewer Alternative apps for Windows PC.

5. UltraViewer

Last, but not least remote desktop software on our list is Ultraviewer. Ultraviewer is a free to use remote desktop software that you can use on your Windows PC. Currently, it’s completely free to use Ultraviewer for personal, professional, and commercial use. So, if you are looking for a totally free remote desktop app, then Ultraviewer can help you.

There are several features are available on Ultraviewer that you can use. It has a chat window feature that you can use to chat with the remote desktop user. You can also transfer files remotely using the Ultraviewer software on your Windows PC. And it doesn’t have any geographical restrictions. So, you can get unlimited remote desktop experience with the latest version of Ultraviewer. Ultraviewer is currently available for Windows only. So, you can consider it as a drawback of this awesome remote desktop application.

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