How to Avoid Skin Dryness When Traveling in Winter?

Avoid Skin Dryness

Winter is one of the seasons that is characterized by regular colds and dry air. During this time, people normally feel like warming themselves every now and then. Your skin may display severe signs of dryness because it doesn’t sweat or lose any water. As a result, people’s skin normally remains dry throughout. You can check the kratom strains chart to know the best kratom strains that you can use to make hot tea for drinking during the winter. It is also during winter when flu infections are high and people’s noses drain. Here are some of the ways to avoid skin dryness.

Avoid Hot Baths and Reduce Showering Time

When showering, make sure you regulate the temperature so that it becomes lukewarm. This is the best temperature that will not lead to drying of the skin. Too much time showering also dries your skin so make sure you spend the little time possible when showering. Cold baths are good but because the weather is also cold, you may find it hard to shower using cold water. Just keep lukewarm temperatures and start spending as little time possible on bathing. You can check the kratom tea recipe so that you understand how to make the best tea to drink after you take a bath. 

Always Have a Moisturizer

A skin moisturizer is worth having during the winter. As you travel from one place to another, the cold beating your skin may dry your skin completely. Keep applying your moisturizer so that skin nourishment can continue as normal. Get a good moisturizer that is made from organic ingredients that will not yield any kind of side effects on your skin. As you apply the moisturizer, you can not only avoid skin dryness but you are also preventing the signs of aging.

Avoid the Harsh Cleansers

Skin cleansing products are on the rise and people are using them without any limits. As you use the cleansers, you need to know they also reduce the water content in your skin. The reduction of skin water and the cold weather of winter all result in dry skin that is prone to itching and wrinkles. Always make sure you have the best cleansers that are not harsh especially the ones made from organic ingredients. Rubbing your skin in excess is also a precipitating factor of dryness because it will lead to the loss of fluid from your skin.

Wear Clothes That Give You Warmth

When traveling, you go to a lot of places that will require you to be in sports or sports outfits. Such activities must be few if you wish to keep a moistened and nourished skin. Wear a jacket always and when you remove it, make sure you have long sleeve shirts and trousers that cover the extremities and protect you from the colds. This is the best way to ensure you maintain an optimum volume of moisture in your skin and prevent skin dryness. During winter, it is time to drink hot drinks so that you keep warm and aggravate sweating to occur.


When traveling during the winter, plan your activities well and avoid starting activities early in the morning when the weather is still very cold. Start in the afternoon when the sun rays are up so that you don’t encounter the severe cold. Activities like swimming on the cold beaches are not recommended during this season because, besides the skin dryness, you might as well acquire pneumonia which is not good for your health. Try to do activities that make your body burn fats and sweat so that you sweat and moisten the skin.




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