Best IOS antivirus 2021

Best IOS antivirus 2021

It is well known that Apple products have the best protection against viruses or malware, but that doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll stay 100% immune to those. Viruses for iOS still exist out there, and that’s why here you will find a list with the first best antiviruses in the Apple store. Dangerous websites are the most common places where you can find or get one, even without knowing. Let’s see the best IOS antivirus 2021.

The amount of ads on sites these days is overwhelming and nowadays it is nearly impossible to navigate a site without an ad blocker. That’s why you need to have some options from where you can choose an antivirus specialized in that if you’re exposed often to that kind of content. From a powerful ad blocker to a high identity theft protection, the features of these apps will meet your expectations and even exceed them. 

For making the right choice for your device, this list has a detailed review of every antivirus that will help you decide.


Scams on websites are mostly harmless, but if you want to avoid the viruses with identity or biometric theft at all costs, this one will protect your Apple device even if you gamble on a verified site like 22bet casino India or not verified ones.

Avast Antivirus is one of the most famous ones out there and is an antivirus that’s available not only for Apple products but also for Android and Windows. The most important reasons why is it so used are for its real-time Wi-Fi security, optimum privacy, and identity protection. 

And for the premium version, you get even more options and great features which will help you better protect yourself from, like a photo vault for keeping safe unwanted photos or an identity checker for apps or sites which don’t have 3rd party authentication.

For most of the time, it automatically tracks and detects all of the sites that you will use, but will also include a VPN which allows you to make encrypted connections on the internet so that wherever you will be in the world, your internet connection will be safe.


Avira antivirus is a German-based already famous application used mainly on bigger devices like computers or laptops. It has also made a mobile version available for mobile, crucial for your Apple device.

First of all, Avira is very well-known for its phishing protection against malicious websites. For example, whenever you land on one, Avira will block the malicious website. From the very beginning, Avira is an excellent measure to keep you safe and untouched online. 

For most people, Identity safeguard is a very important thing, because you want to keep your anonymity browsing through various websites. Also, you will like to stay away from leaking personal information online. Avira will give you an alert when any little breach occurred in your device security fence.

Another unique feature is the analysis of your phone memory and storage use. Most of the time, monitoring personal files often will keep you away from sneaky viruses which end up in your documents, without being noticed.


McAfee’s Mobile security features will not necessarily surprise you, because at first glance it has all the basic functional options that you also find in the other ones. But don’t be so eager to conclude this one yet. As you look more into this app, you’ll find that McAfee is more promising than it seems on the outside.

The Media Vault option secures not only photos and videos but also music or recordings. And you can even activate an option that lets you take a random photo and immediately encrypt that and store it straight into the Vault.

For the anti-theft features, you have at first a standard option and basic settings for your safety. For example, the antivirus will track your every motion every day, from home to work and any other route that you take, so it can immediately detect unusual activity or tracks. 

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Mobile Security may not be one of the popular options on the market, but it brings real benefits for Apple device users. Even if this one antivirus has more of a traditional approach, the built-in web filters are working flawlessly with many browsers, especially with Safari, assuring you a safe surf through the internet.

Another feature that we really liked was the Data Theft Prevention. Whenever you browse something online, Trend Micro will make sure to encrypt your data and keep them very secured.Trend Micro price is quite smaller than the other antiviruses we described above. You can aquire this gem only for 29.95 USD per year.

Other features include a Social Media Network Privacy, for apps like Facebook and Twitter, which will have constant and thorough scans, so no malicious threat gets to your data. 

F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe is another new antivirus on the market out there that comes with a separate browser, which allows you to navigate the internet while being safe online.

Another feature that you will surely enjoy is Banking Protection. This one adds another authentication authorization so the websites that you are visiting, will be confirmed by F-Secure Safe first. It means that they can be trusted and aren’t on the bad guys’ list of the banking programs. For that, you will have a tiny icon that indicates the level of security of the site.

F-Secure Safe comes with a professional parental control system that filters the content by category. So, no malware will mix up with your child’s online content. Although it seems like it’s a very strict option, the settings for this feature are pretty simple and user-friendly.


After reading this, you will have for sure at least one option for when you navigate online and feel unsure about the safety of sites. From price to features, you need to consider which aspects are more important to you. The installations for them are very simple, the only thing that you have to do is open the App Store and start searching for your favorite antivirus.

In conclusion, even though you want to rely on the safety that comes with the brand name Apple, your iOS still can get a virus, so the chances are out there. These security breaches often happen when you expect it less, so using one of these Apple-approved antiviruses will for sure guarantee you 100% security.


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