8 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall

8 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall.
8 Ways to Decorate Your Firep8 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall.ace for Fall.

8 Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace for Fall. During the cooler months, the fireplace becomes the heart of the home. Friends and family gather around, absorbing the generous warmth and enjoying the comforting flicker of flames.

The fireplace is a natural focal point and dictates the feel and focus of the room. Fireplace decor further establishes a design aesthetic, lending color, texture, and visual interest to the space.

Fall is the perfect time to get creative with your fireplace decor. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, there are endless possibilities for festive decorations. You can go all out with a spooky Halloween theme, or keep it simple with pumpkins, gourds, and foliage. Whatever you choose, we’ll show you how a bit of creativity can make your fireplace the perfect gathering spot for all your fall festivities. Get inspired with our fall fireplace decor ideas and enjoy a cozy fire all season long.

Pumpkin-Filled Fall Fireplace

If your fireplace isn’t currently in use, what better way to make use of the empty space than by filling it with pumpkins? Just like a roaring fire, the vibrant orange pumpkins will lend warmth and joy to the room.

So gather pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and stack them inside the fireplace hearth, letting them flow out into the room. You could even update a few pumpkins with a coat of glitter or metallic copper paint to enhance their allure. Or if you want to be able to reuse the look next year, opt for realistic-looking faux pumpkins!

Decorate with Gourds

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the year’s bountiful harvest and celebrating all of the good that has come our way. Dress your fireplace up for the occasion with some of nature’s most beautiful and colorful fall produce.

Gourds, cabbages, and other autumnal fruits and vegetables in rich oranges, greens, and purples make for a beautiful display that is perfect for a rustic setting.

Fall Fireplace Decor with Leaves

If you want to pay tribute to autumn, try adding a vase of golden branches and some petite pumpkins to your mantel or other display area. You can also swap out traditional mantel ornaments, like a mirror or vase, for books with an autumnal theme.

And for a cohesive look, carry the autumnal palette throughout the room with accessories like earthy green and orange pillows or a mustard-yellow throw.

Neutral Fall Fireplace Decor

If you’re looking for festive fall decor that won’t clash with your sophisticated farmhouse interior, stick with white pumpkins instead of classic orange. Here, they’re perched like candles on whitewashed holders as a playful mantel accent.

You can also get creative by covering large pumpkins in pages from old books, giving them texture and character.

Another option is to upcycle reclaimed wood into a witch silhouette for a rustic centerpiece with a subtle nod to Halloween. To finish things off, rest a witch’s broom against the fireplace for a whimsical touch.

Spooky Halloween Fireplace Decorations

Looking for a fun and festive way to decorate your fireplace for Halloween? Try using orange and black decor staples like pumpkins, skulls, and spiders!

Place the pumpkins and skulls on top of old books across the mantel, and drape cobwebs over the display for a haunted look. Finally, scatter spiders across the fireplace; they’re sure to make your guests’ skin crawl.

Fall Wreath Display

A wreath doesn’t just have to go on your door, you can also use it to create a beautiful and eye-catching focal point in your home by hanging it above your fireplace. You can decorate it with autumn flowers or dried grasses for a rustic look.

Wreaths are great year-round home decor because you can switch out the trimmings to match the season. Complete your fall decoration with classic motifs, like pumpkins on a bed of fall foliage and a cute acorn garland. Don’t forget to keep a cozy orange blanket on hand for snuggling up by the fire.

Gold Fall Mantel Decor

Autumn is the perfect time to cozy up your home with warm, inviting colors. Red, orange, brown, and golden hues will create a welcoming display above your fireplace. A trio of plaid vases makes a cozy, cottage-style centerpiece on this fireplace mantel.

Use old plaid shirts from a thrift store and some old paint tins or containers, then fill the plaid vases with fall accents, like pumpkins, bittersweet branches, and hydrangeas.

Colorful Fall Fireplace Decor

Looking for a fun and unique way to add some color to your fireplace decor this fall? Try dip-dyed gourds! They’re easy to make and will add a touch of whimsy to your mantel.

Simply dunk the gourds into a bowl of acrylic craft paint and let the paint drip down the sides. You can contrast the gourds’ warm tones with complementary bright blue to create a bold statement, or you can make your fall decor sparkle with a metallic sheen.

Whatever you decide, the unexpected pop of color is sure to make your mantel stand out from traditional fall fireplace decor.


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