Mattress: 3 Easy and Simple Ways To Clean A Mattress

Clean A Mattress

People spend one-third of their lives sleeping. But most of them are not aware that the bed or mattress where we sleep is prone to fungus development, dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria, and mites that cause allergies. This might sound scary, but people often ignore cleaning their mattresses, as it requires a lot of work. People who are looking for a new mattress should use bedworks promo code or One Garden Discount code to avail fantastic discounts.

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How to clean a mattress?

Cleaning the mattresses is necessary as we spend most of our life sleeping on it. But as it requires lots of work, people do not include it in their list of chores. There are certain easy ways, which can help you clean the mattress without any problem.

  1. Get started with your vacuum cleaner.

It is essential to invest in a good vacuum cleaner if you don’t own one. Nowadays, most of the vacuum cleaner comes with an upholstery attachment. This is very helpful when cleaning the mattresses. First, start with the top and vacuum the sides and then the bottom surface. If you keep the movement narrow, it helps you to get every spot on the mattress and not miss anywhere. People who are worried about the upholstery attachment should relax, as it does not harm the mattress even a bit. This helps to remove dust, fluffs, and other material that might settle on the mattress.

  1. Get rid of the stains.

Many times people get stains on the mattress and want to know the way to get rid of them. Spilling drinks or food, urine, and various other accidents can cause stains. First, opt for an enzyme cleaner to clean the stains naturally by breaking down the chemical content. You can also make a stain remover at home. Mix lemon juice and salt to make a paste. Apply it on the stain and leave the paste for an hour. Then wipe off the paste or use a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Freshen up the mattress

Mattresses can develop bad odor over the years due to sweat. Pet can also cause the odor on the mattress. To get rid of the bad smell, sprinkle some baking soda and give your mattress a good scrub.  




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