3 Top Jobs You Can Travel With 

Jobs You Can Travel

Traveling is an ever-more popular pursuit, especially for young people who are keen to see the world and gather experiences and friendships. Yet for these young people, the choice of traveling is often contrasted against the choice to build a career – as if you cannot possibly travel while also working towards your career aspirations. That’s not actually the case, as this article will show. Below, learn about 3 top jobs that you can train and qualify for that’ll open you up to a world of traveling – and working as you do so. Jobs You Can Travel with-

  • Coding- Jobs You Can Travel

Learning to code is considered an essential skill in schools today, given the ubiquity of digital devices and apps in our lives, and knowing the basics of coding means that you can specialize later in life, in software development, website building, and several other digital jobs. The wonderful thing about these jobs is, of course, the fact that you can do them remotely, so long as you have a laptop and internet connection on hand. 

To qualify for jobs in coding, you’ll first need to take a course of education in the field you’re interested in pursuing. These courses can range from the largely self-taught to those that put you through your paces at university or college. Once you’re confident that you have the requisite skills, start advertising your services online in order to build a client base you can travel around with. 

  • Nursing

There’s always high demand for nurses in countries around the world. From Madrid to Mexico and London to Lahore, you’ll be able to find a job in various foreign countries if you’re qualified as a nurse. Because this is also a popular option for nurses who have a penchant for travel, there are several well-trod routes – through Europe or in Australia, for instance – that many nurses can advise you on once you’re qualified. 

If this lifestyle sounds appealing, you can study for a nursing qualification online. If you’re an existing nurse, you can learn more about how to train as a nursing educator, which is also a fantastic way to travel and give back to local communities with your knowledge. With these qualifications and skills in hand, you can travel to just about any country in the world and offer your skills to a local hospital or health center. 

  • International Development

This broad field encompasses pursuits such as international aid, charity work, sustainable travel, eco-tourism, and a number of other roles that could be categorized as helping other countries develop and grow stronger. It’s a brilliant way to get under the skin of a country, meeting locals and working together towards common goals. 

This is too broad a field to offer direct advice when it comes to training and qualifications, but there are degree programs that cover international development broadly, which you’ll soon specialize in as you approach your final year and your thesis. This job brings you up close to new countries, and is as rewarding as it is testing. 

These 3 careers are perfect for those who wish to combine a life of travel with a meaningful working routine.


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