Here’s How to Decide If You Need to Switch to a Dedicated Server

Switch to a Dedicated Server

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Let’s begin with understanding the meaning of dedicated server hosting.

In dedicated server hosting, you get an entire server and its resources all to yourself, without any neighbours. Whereas, in Shared Hosting, you share server space and other resources with other websites.

Though dedicated server hosting is usually costlier than Shared Hosting, various advantages justify its cost. We’ve listed below a few of such advantages:

  • Enhanced security

One of the significant reasons to choose a dedicated server is security. As you do not have to share the server space, you’ll have total control over the server, meaning, stricter cybersecurity.

  • Bare minimum to no limitations

As you aren’t sharing resources with other websites, there are no caps on things like website traffic, bandwidth and so on. You are free to use as many resources as you want to.

  • Flexibility

Mostly, it is difficult to predict how your business may scale. Herein, a dedicated server is advantageous as it allows you to customize the server as per your website requirements. Also, you are not limited in terms of CPU, software, applications, operating room, etc.

How to decide if you need a dedicated server?

To figure out if you need a dedicated server or not, consider the following points:

1. Your website attracts a lot of traffic

Shared Hosting plans cap the bandwidth and website traffic amounts automatically. If your website usually stays busy or you predict a higher amount of growth and traffic, Dedicated Hosting can be a better option for enhanced user experience and high performance.

2. Your website deals with sensitive information

The more protection you need for your website and your visitors’ information, the more you should be biased toward purchasing Dedicated Hosting. You even get enhanced SSL security with a single IP address, further protecting your sensitive transactional and financial information.

With Shared Hosting, as you aren’t aware of your server neighbours, it can leave you open to cyber-attacks.

3. SEO is crucial for you

Again, if your website is hosted on Shared Hosting, you could be sharing a physical server with spammy or an adult website, because of which the IP address may be flagged, in turn, affecting your website too and pushing down your ranking on SERPs.

Even strenuous SEO efforts cannot help you overcome a flagged IP address, so if you want to rank higher on SERPs without taking any ounce of risk, you may need a dedicated server.


Every business website has its own needs and budget. Though smaller and less data-sensitive websites might be fine with Shared Hosting, websites that attract a lot of traffic, anticipate higher security or customization needs, or those who cannot take the risk of a shared IP address will find a dedicated server as a better hosting option.

However, if the cost of Dedicated Hosting doesn’t fit your budget currently and your website needs have outgrown the capability of Shared Hosting, you can temporarily choose VPS server hosting with cPanel as it will cost you less then a dedicated server and provide more resources and better security than Shared Hosting.

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