Are You A Lesbian? Top Signs You Should Find a ‘Lesbian’ Partner Soon


Sexuality is a complex journey that involves several rounds of procedures to figure out your own sexual preferences. Every individual has the freedom to decide their preferences. 

If you don’t fall into the queue of straight people who commonly love the idea of sex between a male and female, this post is for you.

Figuring out your sexuality is itself a philosophical avenue that involves struggles and complexities. But amidst everything, you are going to pave your path to the ultimate discovery of your sexual identity. On that note, let’s learn the ins and outs of how to identify whether you are a lesbian.

Who is a Lesbian?

A girl or woman who has a sexual or romantic orientation toward women is a lesbian. If it sounds like you, it’s time you read the post. Sexuality evolves over your adolescent and adult life. So, even if you have been attracted to men in your previous years or slept with a man, it does not mean you would never develop feelings for a woman. 

Even a straight woman can fall for another woman. But figuring it out is the most complex challenge. So, let’s learn a few tricks to know you are a lesbian.

Tricks and Tips to Figure Out That You Are a Lesbian

Most women say that at one point in time in their lives, they have found another lady attractive; it might have been a passing or fleeting attraction. But if that infatuation has taken an intense form in your life, you might have also been sexually attracted to that person. So, the following are the ways you can identify your sexual self.

Recently Found a Woman Attracted 

As discussed above, a woman who has previously felt for men can grow feelings for a woman. But if you haven’t ever been attracted to a man in your life and now you feel for a woman, you are a lesbian (no doubt). 

Your Sexual Fantasies Include Pleasures with Women

Just because you have a passing sexual attraction to a woman does not mean you are a lesbian. If you have an attraction to men, you might be bisexual and not lesbian. However, if your fantasies are all about women, chances are pretty high that you are a lesbian. 

One quick note: You may be straight and still fantasize about ladies. Nonetheless, if only a woman dominates your thoughts, you might be a lesbian. 

Kissed a Woman and Loved It

Imagine going to a bar with your friends, and suddenly, a girl comes up and tells you she likes your lips. Ultimately, you both ended up kissing each other for a minute or two. Has this experience influenced your sexual life so much that you cannot think of anything else other than enjoying foreplay with a lesbian? If such a feeling transformed your whole life, now is the right time to hire an escort and enjoy a GFE.

You Have Multiple Male Friends, but You Don’t Get Attracted To Them

Having multiple boyfriends does not mean you are sexually or emotionally attracted to one of them. You may find a man attractive and still do not get sexually or mentally attracted to him. 

In a nutshell, even if you appreciate the appearance of a boy, you may only get attracted to a woman. Despite having male friends, there are ladies who don’t feel attracted to boys. That means they are attracted to women, which itself is a lesbian trait by definition.

You Had a Woman Crush Back in Your Adolescent Days and You Still Remember Her

As you already know, sexuality evolves over the adolescent and adult life. So, there might be a time in your adolescence when you had a crush on a girl. Incidentally, you moved on, focussed on your career, and refused every man that came on your way. Now, after several years, if you still remember the feelings, it might be because you are a lesbian from the bottom of your heart. 

The above are the notable signs that indicate you are a lesbian. Now that you have discovered your sexual identity, there’s nothing to be shameful about your sexual interests. Go and find your girl from to enjoy a perfect GFE or girlfriend experience. A temporary relationship with a skip the games escort will give you more opportunities to explore your carnal desires.



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