The Role of CASB in Cloud Security


CASB is a security management solution that delivers the ability to prevent and monitor high-risk events. These services must be deployed along the data access path to provide safety. These solutions may be installed as proxy agents on end-point devices or they may be agentless and don’t require end-point configuration. These solutions should also be able to leverage community trust ratings to detect malicious applications.

CASB solutions should be used as an augmentation to existing safety measures, such as threat detection and response, data security, endpoint, and perimeter safety. They are also capable of providing API level support for cloud applications. You should evaluate potential vendors and their services based on their ability to fulfill specific use cases. However, you should never make them the primary security solution in your organization.

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What are CASBs?

Cloud accesses brokers help protect organizations from user behavior threats, such as the use of corporate data by an unauthorized party. They also prevent unauthorized devices from accessing cloud services. By analyzing usage patterns, these services detect and block potentially malicious content, including malware and phishing. The threat protection measures that they can provide are anti-phishing and malware detection, account takeover protection, and URL filtering. These are all vital parts of protecting an organization’s data from hackers.

If your company is a target of such attacks, you need to deploy these protective services as soon as possible. Sensitive information may be leaked and sold on the black market.

It is a type of digital gateway that helps enforce safety policies and provide defenses to protect data. Using auto-discovery, server access security brokers can list all cloud services used by an organization, and employees who are using those services. Using these details, a broker will determine the risk level associated with each server application.


Depending on the data stored in the application and the level of access the user has to that data, access brokers will enforce different levels of safety. These services help secure data, prevent data loss, and protect information by enabling granular visibility of the usage. It also enables the application and data policies to be enforced by the appropriate user.

The cloud access security brokers can help protect sensitive data by discovering it in server services that have been certified. Data loss prevention tools can be built with access to security brokers and integrated into a larger safety architecture and strategy. This way, enterprises can use CASB to control that has access to data and where it is being stored.

Threat Detection Pillar

Cloud access security broker solutions provide visibility into the safety posture of cloud-based applications and data, manage mobile endpoints, and provide malware and cyber threats protection. Cloud access security broker solutions are also helpful for regulatory compliance by facilitating the creation of detailed safety policies. 

These policies are designed to satisfy specific regulatory requirements for server-based applications and data storage. Additionally, CASB can offer solutions that may help identify and mitigate DDoS attacks. These are digital terrorist attacks that can cripple even the strongest companies with the click of a button.

CASBs can offer many benefits to businesses, and the most notable is the ability to detect shadow IT. Shadow IT refers to any device connected to a network without authorization. It could be a malicious device or an inadvertent user. However, shadow IT devices can be both malicious and innocent. This can be a problem if someone has unwittingly connected a malicious USB device to a workstation. In such a scenario, the cloud access security brokers can provide visibility into connected devices, and block those from accessing sensitive data.

Preventing “Shadow IT”

In the past, CASBs were most useful for preventing shadow IT. As many businesses moved their data storage to the server, the access security brokers helped ensure that the data was safe both during transit and once it reached its destination. However, with the move to the server, the threat landscape changed. Phishing attacks and malware have become more sophisticated, and even small mistakes can create safety holes.

Today, cloud access security brokers solutions provide organizations with a granular approach to server governance policies. The government has a variety of resources that you can review by clicking here and learning more about the federal response to cyber wellbeing. They also ensure that employees can use cloud services without compromising the organization’s safety and productivity.


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