The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Future Of Artificial Intelligence

The rise of technology has brought us to a point in history where smart machines are a part of our everyday life. They are performing tasks which only ten years ago could only be done by people. The capability of these smart machines to perform human-like tasks is referred to as AI, short for future of Artificial Intelligence.

What is future of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a subdivide of computer technology science that is in charge of inventing and developing smart machines which can perform tasks that are usually only associated with the human type of intelligence.

 Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, these smart machines can adapt to new information, carry out tasks that previously required humans, and learn from experience. Most of the smart machines that are in use today use deep learning and natural language processing to successfully perform their tasks.

 This kind of advanced technology innovation has helped computers start recognizing patterns while processing an enormous quantity of data. Some examples of AI in the everyday world are:

  •  Smart assistants
  • Conversational bots
  • Media recommendations
  • Facial recognition 

 One of the industries where Artificial Intelligence has created immense value is the online casino industry. AI has helped online casinos create new and maintain old relationships, something about which we will talk in more detail about this in the next section

 Use of AI in the online casino industry

 Thanks to the nature of their business, online casinos have enormous customer databases. They use this information to improve their services, increase their ROI and strengthen players’ loyalty to their brand.

 With this said, we bring you a more detailed overview of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the online casino business.

Catching cheaters

 Online gambling platforms use AI to analyze and compare data collected from players to try and identify any patterns that would suggest fraudulent activity. If this analysis reveals patterns associated with cheating, the casino will take action in the form of funds seizure, and suspension or closure of the player’s account. 

Improved customer support

 The best online casino operators know that the thing that separates great online casinos from the good ones is the quality of customer service. This is where AI comes into play.

 Instead of using customer service agents to respond to messages, they employ intelligent chatbots. Chatbots don’t express emotions or get affected by fatigue, they are always active and respond to player inquires based on procedures, facts. They are also equipped with technologies like Natural Language Processing. This allows them to get a better understanding of the customer’s message and create an appropriate response.

 This way of implementing AI allows casinos to respond to inquiries of multiple customers at the same time.

 Recognising high rollers

 AI helps online casinos to create intelligent systems that can identify the players who create the most revenue for the site. Artificial Intelligence uses parameters like the amount of money and time spent on the site to create custom offers to the casino’s best customers.

 Preventing addiction

 One of the main concerns for online casinos and their players is gambling addiction. To advocate the concept of responsible gambling to players online casinos use the leverage that AI technology gives them.

 They put in action AI systems that monitor player behaviour and compare it to the behaviour of gambling addicts. If the players are detected by the AI system, they will receive advice and instruction from the casino on how to prevent this kind of behaviour in the future. This kind of approach helps to improve the mental state of players.

AI disadvantages

 While there are many benefits of using AI in the online casino industry, like with everything else, there are also some risks. Three main risks of AI in the online casino industry are:

  •  Job loss
  • Privacy violations
  • Bias caused by bad data

 Job loss

 The implementation of AI has a significant impact on the number of workers online casinos need. With each next step in the implementation of AI in everyday casino operations, there is less need for human workers. This results in the layoffs of online casino employees.

Privacy violations

 By using AI in the online casino business there is a risk of privacy, freedom, and individual rights violation. These come out as a result of three things:

 Data persistence – in cases when data outlives the player who created it

Data repurposing – data being used for other things than it was meant to

Data spillovers – collecting data on people who are not the target of data collections

 However, online casinos are a specific business and have terms and conditions posted on their site or app, for example, the cricket satta app. Players have to agree with these conditions in order to fill out their data making privacy violations rarer than in some other industries.

 Bias caused by bad data

 AI algorithms, protocols and decisions are entirely based on the quality of the data received. IF the data is irrelevant or incorrect, the AI will make bad calculations which might have huge consequences. In the casino business, these kinds of miscalculations can result in imaginable losses. This is why AI still need human touch to keep it in check.


AI has an impact on almost every industry we can imagine, most of the time we benefit from it, but there are also some risks we should be aware of. With that said, one thing is for sure, Artificial intelligence will be a driving force of technology in the foreseeable future.





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