Strength Based Full Body Circuit: Features and Tips


Very often, inexperienced athletes compare circuit training and CrossFit as the same types of load. Nevertheless, these are completely different directions, and among the common things, they have only cyclicality and intensity. Any CrossFit training program for gaining muscle mass or conditioning requires a completely different approach and you should not use the same methods for these types of training. If you want to not only burn fat, but also stimulate muscle gain, you need to add some adjustments:

  • Increase rest between exercises from 20-30 seconds (default) to 45;
  • Each exercise is performed not in time, but with a strictly fixed number of repetitions (usually 6-8, for smaller muscle groups 10 repetitions are allowed;
  • Do not add more than 6 exercises to the circle. To increase the intensity, it is better to increase the number of circles, with complete rest between them;
  • You cannot start a new circle if you have not taken a breath (between the first three circles, rest should be 60 seconds, in the next three circles – 90 seconds).

Exercises for this style of execution also need to be selected separately. Basically, it is better to limit yourself to powerful movements, half of which will be basic, and half-isolation. It is also important to consider the correct construction of cycles. In the power style, you can not train constantly, it will quickly deplete the muscles. To do this, you can use the following alternation options:

  • Circuit training once a week (every week new exercises and emphasis on different muscle groups);
  • 2-3 round-robin workouts per week, after which there is an “easy week” (minimum loads, moderate to those workouts);
  • The most extreme option is a circuit training session for 6–8 weeks, after which you need to give the body a complete rest for a week (maximum cardio every other day, no strength work).

What exercises to include in lower and upper body circuit

Almost always the emphasis in strength training is on basic exercises, which is quite obvious. They maximize the use of muscles, stimulate the hormonal response and are most effective in general. Nevertheless, making a “circle” of basic exercises is completely unreasonable, because you need to take into account the fatigue factor.

Basic exercises should be put in the first half of the circle, when after resting the muscles are ready to work. With constantly increasing fatigue, at the end of the circle, it is better to give a light load, for example, to small muscle groups, abs, etc. Also, isolated exercises are great for this. For example, if you do biceps lift on Scott bench after squats with a barbell, this will not take away a lot of strength and will allow you to make full 6-10 repetitions. If this is the usual lifting of the barbell to the biceps after squats, after which the press of the barbell or another basic movement will follow, then the muscles simply can not withstand such a load. As a result of this, the failure will occur earlier than it should be and the effectiveness of the circle will significantly decrease. Therefore, try to set priorities correctly and put the most important and complex movements at the beginning of each circle.

When athletes ask whether it is possible to pose one or another exercise in the formation of a circuit program, the question does not seem entirely correct. Exercises need to be selected depending on the type of training (strength or high-intensity), specific preferences for the development of individual muscle groups, and other conditions. If we talk about the “taboo”, which is undesirable to use in such work, then we can highlight just a few exercises:

  • Deadlift (the technique is too complicated and energy-intensive for circuit training);
  • Good Morning (with muscle fatigue, the risks from this exercise will increase);
  • Any weightlifting movements (jerk, push and other complex and complex movements);
  • Exercises with low intensity (flexion of the hand to train the forearms, other optional and narrowly targeted movements).

It is also important to remember that without preliminary preparation for a roundabout, it is better not to start.

Such an exercise will require maximum readiness from the muscles and central nervous system, so before starting a workout, you should warm-up for 5-10 minutes. At the end of the workout using turanabol on stacksteroids, you need to do a hitch or stretch. Remember that this type of load is not intended for direct muscle gain. They can cause an increased metabolic response, create real stress for the muscles, stimulating their subsequent growth, but only with proper nutrition and sufficient recovery.


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