Dream11 Referral code Cash Bonus 2022

Dream11 Referral code Cash Bonus 2022
Dream11 Referral code Cash Bonus 2022

Dream11 Referral code Cash Bonus 2022. With the ongoing Cricket World Cup, India’s national sport, more and more fans are stepping into the world of cricket fantasy.

Dream11 is leading the way with a reportedly daily smashing of 2.3 million transactions as fantasy sports fans around the globe flock to their trusted app or site to enjoy some post-work relaxation by enjoying an afternoon of virtual Dream11 cricket matches on their phone or at home computer.

This offers a great time to take a look at what makes this new star on the block such a popular pick among consumers – and why you should give them your business too if you want to get in on the newest craze.

Dream11 Referral Offer

Sending friends to sign up with your Dream11 referral code is only the first step. From then onwards it’s all about nudging your friends via text and email to follow through, especially if you have high stakes bet matches coming up!

To encourage them to use your Dream11 coupon or offer code on their next deposit (which gives you higher bonuses), make sure you include an exciting offer in the mail or call and involve prizes based on their cash input!

For example, if a friend deposits Rs.50 you could say “I’ll buy five tickets from 2pm and 5pm every day for four days at this rate” which would ensure that they stay curious and motivated to sign up. The best part about sending out such mails or calls is that it costs nothing apart from your time invested on creating a compelling prize structure for these mails.

How To Play Dream11 Fantasy Sports Using Referral Code Bonus? 

Playing fantasy sports on Dream11 is a blast. You can explore dream11 fantasy cricket games using promo code bonus. Just by following simple steps and use your 100 bonus points to play your first game.

Once you have signed up select any upcoming match, you want to play.Create your dream team on dream11 by selecting the players you think will perform well in the game.

Similary, you can join free or paid contests and start playing for real money prizes.There are two types of matches on Dream11, Free matches and Contest with Prize Money

After you’ve played your match on Dream11.com, you’ll be able to check your account balance to see how much you’ve won (and lost!) depending on the outcome of your team.

If you’re lucky enough to have been one of the winners, then you can withdraw the money directly into either your bank account or even right back onto Dream11! The good news is that withdrawals are quick and easy.

All you need to do is verify your account and provide a few details about the type of cash out you’d like – for example a bank transfer or an E-wallet service like PayTM – and off it goes! You’ll get a confirmation email regarding your withdrawal from Dream11, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Verification is a safety measure. VERIFICATION IS ONE-TIME! If withdrawing any money for the first time, you need to know how withdrawal works on Dream11.

How To Win In Dream11 By Competing With Other Sports Fans

At Dream11, there are tons of exciting contests and games to take part in that allow sports lovers to win cash and prizes.

For example, they’re currently taking part in a contest with up to Rs 500 as bonuses per referral! To start earning cash now by referring friends into the contest, simply follow these simple steps:

How Do You Get The Dream11 Invite Bonus?

You will earn Dream11 invite bonus both ways. You’ll reap rewards when your friends join the contest using their amount and you earn cash bonus when your friends join the contest using their amount.The cash bonus is 10% of the total LR amount spent by the person who used his/her account to invite friend on Dream11.

Maximum cash bonus can be Rs500.You will earn credit for your friend’s registration only after he uses the referral code that was sent to him by email to complete his sign-up process on DW11.

So, it may take a few hours for your friends’ email account to receive the mail with their unique referral codes. When they log in and use a valid promo code you’ve given them, you will receive a 35% discount coupons worth up to RS200 immediately after which these coupons may expire!

What is Dream11? 

Fantasy Cricket offers the best platform for fantasy cricket.   There are other games along with cricket like football, hockey and Kabaddi. To play this game all you need to do is create teams, join tournaments and win cash prizes after each win.

What is a Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a game where you build a virtual cricket team comprising of some pre-defined players. Each player will be allotted a set amount, and your virtual team’s performance is then determined by the real-life statistics of these players.

While playing fantasy cricket, you get to win points if your virtual players perform as well in real life compared to how you predicted they would when building your team.

To win a fantasy cricket league, it’s best that you work on scoring more points than the others in all of your games; the player whose accumulated points meet or exceed all others at the end wins.

You may keep up with how everyone else is doing by checking in on the leaderboard – where only the trophies won are counted towards your rank, not their ongoing scores which keeps things even for everyone!

Dream11 Website

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