4 pillar aspects of the digital marketing in 2021

aspects of digital marketing

Digital marketing is very important, so before you attempt starting any campaigns – always look for the in-built and tested campaigns from others. Today we will talk about the aspects of why digital marketing strategy-plan may fail!

You are sending the wrong message

You know your targets and your personas inside out, but have you really thought about their buying journey, also known as the Buyer Journey?

For each of your personas, are you sure you:

  • Know their actions and objectives?
  • The questions they ask themselves?
  • Their difficulties and challenges?
  • Their emotions and feelings?
  • The channels on which they are located?
  • The actions they seek to take
  • The goals they seek to achieve
  • The questions they ask themselves
  • The difficulties and challenges they encounter
  • Their emotions and feelings
  • The channels on which they are located
  • Why define the Buyer Journey?

Knowing the purchasing journey of your personas will allow you to better understand their behavior at each stage of the Buyer Journey , and thus, to establish a digital strategy in correlation with this behavior.

For each of the 3 steps, “Awareness”, “Consideration” and “Decision”, and for each of your personas, we advise you to list: This work may seem tedious at first glance, but it will allow you to better understand your targets , and to visualize with more clarity the marketing actions to be undertaken to achieve your objectives. By using a multi touch attribution software, you can measure all of the touchpoints along a customer journey to conversion.

Why create a content mapping?

Following this work, we also advise you to focus on Content Mapping, which consists of listing ideas for article topics and content offers that you can write according to the different stages of the purchase journey of your products. personas .

This will allow you to write coherent and impactful content, responding to the issues and needs of your personas and to have the necessary resources to advance your prospects along this buyer journey.

How to find the right pace of publication?

There is no such thing as a miracle recipe for a good publication rate! Each persona has its own peculiarities, which is why we advise you to start by alternating:

  • Types of channels
  • The days of publication
  • Publishing hours
  • The type of publications (Stories, post, live etc).
  • The format of the publications (images, videos, infographics, surveys, etc.)

For instance, if you want to get a product seen by gamers, then Twitch would be the perfect place. StreamOZ is the team of talented marketers who help businesses to get better results on Twitch. By going through this testing phase, you will be able to draw valuable conclusions and determine where and when your messages have the most impact on your target. We hope to have enlightened you on the reasons why your digital marketing strategy is not achieving the expected results, and on the actions to be taken to remedy it. As you will have understood, without a strategy, you quickly run the risk of encountering many blockages.

You are not getting your messages to the right places and at the right times.

If you’ve done the work on defining your personas and their buying journey, now you need to know which channels your personas are on , and through which channels you’re most likely to reach them. It can be on:

  • Social networks
  • Private groups on social networks
  • Forums
  • Mailboxes
  • Podcasts
  • From the paperweight

Integrate this information into your digital marketing plan, and adapt your actions now!


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